A new ad for workers for the highway

To recruit workers for work on a priority section of Bar-Boljari, a new ad has been released today in the press, in which it is not included information about the employer.

More than 20 workers are needed. But in ad there is no name of firm or person in charge, only a contact telephone number and email address are given.

The agency Mina-business contacted the person whose phone number is given in the ad, and he explained that he works for the Chinese company China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), that he is their representative, interpreter and mediator in communication with Montenegrin companies.

Contact person explained that he released ad on the behalf of CRBC, and that, as a mediator he is responsible for receiving CV, while the eventual selection will be done together with the Chinese company.

When asked why the ad not listed CRBC as an employer, contact person explained that it was decided in agreement with the Chinese company, which did not want such a form of advertising.

The notice stated that all those interested in the job can send their CV to the email address dmilos23@gmail.com, in Montenegrin, but preferably in English.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro