A proposal of SDP, Demos and URA: Gojko Pejovic to be appointed as ANB chief inspector

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The Social Democratic Party (SDP), Demos and URA Civic Movement will propose Gojko Pejovic to be appointed as an inspector general of the National Security Agency (ANB), CDM unofficially learns from a source close to SDP leadership.

Pejovic has been a member of SDP since its establishment and has a respectable professional experience in the security services.

Consensus of all government members is required in order for ANB inspector general to be appointed. The candidate must also formally be a non-party figure.

In addition, SDP, Demos and URA have developed a list of 22 candidates who should take leadership positions in state-owned companies which belong to the opposition under the agreement on free and fair elections.

A representative of URA Nedjeljko Rudovic earlier said that representatives of the opposition troika who signed the agreement would “equally share positions in the public administration, which are important to achieve the goal – preventing electoral fraud”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro