A rare Chinese woman that learned our language: The key is the patience

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Young Qian Yuanjing, assistant of the director of Montenegrin branch of CRBC quickly adapted to life in Montenegro, and knowledge of our language was particularly helpful which she had learned at the university in Beijing, she said in an interview for a special appendix to Dnevne newspaper “All about the highway Bar Boljare”.

DN : You are one of rare Chinese women who knows and fluently speak sour language. How did you learn it and where did the idea come from?

YUANJING: Thank you for the compliment. Although I can speak fluently, I still have a lot to learn and I will use my time in Montenegro to expand and improve my knowledge of Montenegrin language. The chance to learn the language I got on the university in Beijing where I as studying languages. I was lucky to learn the language from professor Nikola Grdinic, whose lectures I still go back to even today because they are very helpful in practical application of the language.

DN: Part of the life in camp is a Chinese language course for locals. How is that going since your language has a reputation of a difficult language?

YUANJING: When our colleagues from Montenegro learned about the course of Chinese language, their first thought was that it’s a ission impossible. However, as soon as they started to learn the basiscs, their enthusiasm grew. We hired a great teacher from Confucius institute, and he’s trying to keep the lectures fun and interactive, through organization of numerous cultural activities and presentations, with the goal of additionally bringing Chinese culture and tradition closer to the locals, which helps with understandning the language.

DN: How difficult is it for Chinese people to adapt tou our environment and what are the biggest differences and challenges?

YUANJING: We look at that in a different way. Chinese people that are hired for construction of the highway are a good team with reach experience of working in different environments, cultures and continents, so it’s easy for them to adapt to new circumstances and environments. Besides, Montenegro is a beautiful country with very kind and helpful people, which makes us feel great. Language is one of the biggest differences, and it took a little time to adapt to various pronounciations at the beginning.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro