A suspect that threatened Gegaj, Dukovic and Skrelja arrested

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Officers of the police unit for fighting cyber crime arrested Lui Dushaj (45) from Tuzi. He is suspected of threatening MPs for DPS Nikola Gegaj, Halil Dukovic and Ljubo Skrelja, CDM learns.

According to information obtained by CDM, Dushaj confessed to the crime and evidence was found in his computer.

He was detained for the criminal offense of endangering security of the MPs and he will be brought to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Podgorica on Thursday.

On his Facebook profile, Dushaj posted a photo of the three MPs with nooses around their necks and announcement below: “We inform all Albanians that the traitors from the photo tragically lost their lives and that their funeral will be carried out at the Cepurci cemetery on 8 March. After the funeral those bastards, you will be entertained by all nightingales from Malesia and songs and dances in the centre of Tuzi.”

Another message was posted on the profile Tuzi Malesia, stating that the three MPs were traitors of the Albanian people and that they should be expelled from the country.

“For the first time, the law that defined Malesia as a municipality with full powers was discussed in the Parliament. There was public vote. DPS and the Bosniak Party openly showed that they are the greatest enemies of Albanians and voted against Malesia’s status of municipality”, the message reads.

“Dukovic, Gegaj and Skrelja are traitors to the Albanian people. These three did not support the most important Albanians’ demand that Malesia should get the status of an independent municipality. Gegaj and Dukovic should be expelled from Malesia and Skrelja from Ulcinj”, it was said in the message “Before all elections, DPS visited Malesia and promised a full municipality, but they confirmed that they deceived people to get votes. Are you going to vote for them again?”

MP Nikola Gegaj called on the Ministry of Interior to respond as soon as possible and identify the perpetrators, who, as he said, wanted to undermine their reputation and honour.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro