A2A: Full transparency of negotiations with Montenegro

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Negotiations that resulted in a new shareholders contract between Montenegro and A2A on the topic of management in EPCG were lead in full transparency, protecting the interests of all involved, they stated from A2A.

A2A reminded that the Parliament has passed the Decision on accepting the shareholders contract, that is in force until the end of the year.

Main articles of the new agreement keep current A2A managing rights in EPCG, and give right to A2A to name top leadership in the company.

The contract defines some important matters in EPCG business, with the option to sell A2A shares to Montenegro for 250 million EUR.

This option will be in force until March 31st next year, as well as A2A’s agreement not to protest construction of Block II TE Pljevlja.

“A2A appreciates the effort Montenegro made in leading the negotiations”, they stated.

They reminded that they have become a shareholder in EPCG in 2009 by participating in an international tender.

“A2A was strongly involved in Montenegro’s development and helped bring in innovation, modernization and success to EPCG”, the statement concludes.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro