A2A rejected the opposition proposal

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A2A informed the Government late yesterday that the proposals of the opposition representatives in the Government are not acceptable for the company.

The Government announced that it the first proposal is unacceptable for A2A because it is inconsistent with the structure of output option negotiated with the Government, and the second because the Italian company does not want to postpone the conclusion of the contract.

The proposal of the opposition was that the company A2A has the obligation to sell to the state of Montenegro and it to buy shares that the company holds in EPCG at a cost of 250 million euros.

They also recommended to postpone adoption of the Draft shareholding agreement after the parliamentary elections if for any reason A2A rejects the offered options.

“Deputy Prime Minister Vujica Lazovic informed today before noon Deputy Prime Minister Milorad Vujovic about the response of the Italian side and invited the representatives of the opposition in the government of electoral confidence to behave professionally and not to obstruct regular activities of the Government and project-oriented activities that have long been initiated with politically motivated moves”, said in a statement.

Lazovic stated in a letter to Vujovic that blocking of capital projects is not protecting of interests of the state and citizens,”which you are allegedly advocate for.”

“I take this opportunity to once again draw attention to the fact that the attitude of the opposition troika changed from day to day and attitudes that were present at the first meeting are not included in the proposal that was submitted yesterday. It is both professionally and politically irresponsible to deliver proposals that are deliberately vague, legally unfounded and designed exclusively as an instrument for deceiving the public. If the real intention was to protect the national interest, the elapsed time was more than enough to formulate proposals and legally binding amendment to the Contract in a manner acceptable to the Parties. However, such proposals of the opposition have only confirmed that the text of the contract which was established by the Government is good and that there are no elements that can be additionaly worked on and that they are compliant with international standards and best practices,” it was stated in a letter of Lazovic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro