A2A sent an official letter to Djukanovic: The Italian company requires accelerating negotiations

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Representatives of the Italian A2A company sent an official letter to Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, asking him to speed up the completion of negotiations between the company and the government of Montenegro.

The company did not want to reveal the details of the letter to Radio Antena M. However, according to unofficial information, A2A criticised deputy prime minister Vujica Lazovic and the economy minister Vladimir Kavaric not only for delaying addressing the problematic issues but also for re opening some issues which were defined in the Draft Common Agreement.

In 2009, A2A bought almost 44% of EPCG’s shares for €430m. Their management agreement, based on which they managed the Electric Power of Montenegro (EPCG), expired a year ago.

The Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja second block is the disputable matter in negotiations between A2A and the government.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro