Abazović: DPS cannot win without abusing the system

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DPS cannot win the elections unless it abuses the systems, and this is the reason they have broken the Agreement on free and fair elections, GP URA believes.

Their response to the statement of Vice Prime Minister Duško Marković, who said that their decision to leave the Government opens new consequences, but that he does not want to believe that they would boycott the elections, Vice President of GP URA formulated to explain that DPS and Marković are frustrated.

According to Abazović, Marković, who himself was invested in the Agreement, soon realized what “his boss knew from the beginning”.

“DPS cannot win without abusing the system or rigging the elections. They were fast to step over their own signatures, regardless of our agreement, Constitution, citizens and international community”, Abazović wrote in his response, sent to MINA Agency.

Abazović understands that Marković is nervous, keeping in mind that his boss Milo Đukanović undermined his authority by ignoring the Agreement Marković carefully negotiated with the opposition.

According to Abazović, Marković is well aware how much time they spent discussing consensus.

“It is clear now that Marković only pretended that he has any power in DPS. Still, I hope this will not turn into a psychical discussion, as in the case of their ministers”, Abazović said.

He said that Marković should understand that the opposition is frustrated to see DPS sell out state property, rob the state and leave the wasteland for the future generations.

URA will not allow DPS or anyone else to play with the future of citizens of Montenegro and rob the state in midnight session of the Parliament.

“Marković should not worry about the opposition, he himself has a lot of issues with Special Prosecution. They are better at plea bargains than political agreements”, Abazović concluded

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro