Abazovic is a strong presidential candidate

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The victory of the opposition at the local elections in Podgorica would inevitably lead to early parliamentary elections, the Vice President of the Citizens’ Movement URA, Nedjeljko Rudovic is convinced. He also believes that URA’s leader, Dritan Abazovic, would be a “very strong and promising candidate” in the presidential elections in case opposition did not have a common candidate.

Without excluding the possibility of opposition protests during this year, Rudovic said in an interview with RTCG that it is necessary that “the opposition finally gets serious”.

“I expect to invest everything that we have to win the elections in the capital. After the victory of the opposition in Podgorica, which is possible despite all the DPS’s mechanisms of fear shading and buying votes, early parliamentary elections would be inevitable, as well as the opening of the doors of free Montenegro” , says Rudovic.

Asked if URA, in case the opposition could not agree on a common candidate, was considering the candidacy of Dritan Abazovic, who according to the July’s public opinion survey was the fourth best rated politician in Montenegro, Rudovic said that the goal is “that the civilian and pro-European part of the opposition has one candidate “.

“If it remains only at the level of a wish, Mr. Abazovic is a very strong and perspective candidate,” Rudovic said.

The URA’s vice-president also estimates that it is obvious that the civil opposition still has no strategy of joint action.

“I hope that in 2018, less time will be lost,” Rudovic said, stating that it is imperative for the opposition to accept “that we have to work together to a degree that focuses on the DPS rather than on opposition competitors.”

Source: Radio Television Montenegro