Abazović: Legal team to start working on Lex Specialis tomorrow

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Vice President of citizens’ movement URA Dritan Abazović does not agree with predictions that Lex Specialis on conditions for free and fair elections will be in disagreement with the Constitution.

“The first draft is not the final document. Tomorrow morning a mixed team, mostly made of legal experts, will start working on Lex Specialis. The first draft will be the material from which to build on. Most definitely, the document will be made in accordance with the Constitution”, Abazović said in the TV show “Bare Truth”.

The draft of Lex Specialis entails members of the opposition joining the Government.

“Formally, we will be the leadership, but in essence, we will remain opposition. The Government that will be formed will not be the one to implement policies for which it has won the elections”, Abazović said.

He said that the ministers from the opposition will be focused on controlling expenses of money and resources.

He added that the resignation of editorial team of informative program on the national broadcaster TVCG creates conditions for signing of the Agreement of free and fair elections. He expects the Agreement to be signed on Wednesday.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro