Abazovic: We did not call Lekic to GP

One of the founders of the Civic Movement and the former deputy of Positive Montenegro Dritan Abazovic, said that they have not officially invited the leader of the Democratic Front (DF) to join them.

“We did not call him. It really would not be appropriate for us to call the president of a political entity from the opposition to join us. In the DF they don’t need to worry about it. Everyone is welcome here, but until someone feels the need to leave one movement and then join another, it is really distasteful that we put pressure on anybody because of a possible formal cooperation”, said Abazovic for Antena M.

According to him, they have a lot of members in the Civic movement (GP), and they do not want in any way to create a gap between the GP and DF.

“Lekic is president of DF, and the situation we have right now is not interfering with our relationship in any way, because there is a high degree of trust and willingness to openly discuss together all the issues that we consider to be of a common interest”, Abazovic concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro