Action of Bijelo Polje citizens: Building a house for a family of eleven members

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Council of the local community Nedakusi in Bijelo Polje organized the action of collecting funds and building a new family home for the family of Milorad – Laco Tvrdisic from Nedakusi. Tvrdisic family lived in a very old small object and according to the representative of the local community council Zeljko Raicevic, people of good will answered the call for humanity.

“Besides biggest donors which are Ministry of labor and social care (2.500 euros) and municipality of Bijelo Polje (2.100 euros), the help in building the house also came from companies ‘ART-BLOK’, owned by Zvonko Jevric, ‘SOLARIS’ whose owner is Boris Perovic, ‘Imperijal’ and Public utility company ‘LIM’, which provided machines and workers for two working days, as well as Water Supply company ‘Bistrica’, which donated free connection to the water supply and sewage system”, said Raicevic.

Besides them, as Raicevic said, the action was also supported by Tatjana Motrenko-Simic, (D, MSc Head of Human Reproduction Centre Budva) with donation of 500 euros, as well as Dragoslav Miladinovic, electrician from Nedakusi who did all the electric works and installations on the house.

“The connection to water supply and sewage system is finished, the object is now twice the size compared to before, new stairs and joinery were built in. Also, new electric installastions are finished and a complete renovation of the interior has been done along with providing the necessary furniture. Total value of works exceeds 8.000 euros”, said Raicevic.

Family Tvrdisic is grateful to everyone for help and this humanitarian action without which the family would still live in a decrepit object, unfit for human living.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro