Adaptation of building for dinasty Petrovic-Njegos

Housing issue of the dynasty of Petrovic-Njegos representatives could be resolved by adapting an existing building, rather than building a new one, it was announced after the meeting of the Minister of Finance, Radoje Zugic and Prince Nikola Petrovic-Njegos.

Zugic met with the Prince in order to continue talks on further activities on implementation of the obligations of the law on the status of descendants of the dynasty Petrovic-Njegos, primarily aimed to solving housing issue the royal family representatives.

Zugic, stressing the importance of maintaining good relations and reputation of the Monarchy, expressed the commitment of the Montenegrin Government, to carry out the remaining obligations of the State in this segment.

“Prince Nikola thanked for the warm welcome and emphasized that the current support of the Ministry of Finance, in all aspects of cooperation, has been very effective and significant”, the statement said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro