Addiko has no chance of winning international arbitration on “Swiss”

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Montenegrin parliament members Zoran Jelic (DPS) and Nebojsa Medojevic (DF) are not worried because of the announcement by Addiko bank that they will initiate an international arbitration against country of Montenegro if the adopted amendmends of the Law on conversion of the loans in Swiss francs to euros become effective, it was reported by Dnevne newspaper.

“This reaction from Addiko bank is expected beccause by these amendmends we took significant financial funds from them, which they, in my opinion, illegally took from citizens based on the fradulent loans given out on Montenegrin market”, said in a statement for DN vice president of DPS and one of the parliament members who suggested these amendments.

He emphasized that it is not true that these changes and amendments violate property rights of the bank and international treaty between Montenegro and Austria, but also added that Austrian investor has the right to complain.

“All parliament members, regardless of party affiliation, did a good deed by passing this law which benefits citizens, especially those who took these loans to solve elementary needs”, said Jelic, pointing out that the law is in accordance with the regulations in the country that are related to banking.

Member of DF Nebojsa Medojevic agrees with Jelic. While reminding that the investigation of Special public prosecution against Addiko bank is ongoing, Medojevic emphasized that the newest action of the Austrian bank is “just another lobbying attempt”.

“This is an attempt of “fishing in mud waters”. This is a criminal organization which in case of an international arbitration stands no chance of winning. I would like to invite the prosecutor to pay close attention to actions of the Central bank and judges of the Constitutional court in this case, who will have to worry about their own responsibility if this case is won by Addiko bank”, said Medojevic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro