Adopted agreement with Milos Marovic

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The High Court in Podgorica approved the plea agreement of Milos Marovic, concluded with the Special State Prosecutor’s Office, according to which son of Svetozar Marovic, former officials of DPS, will spend a year in jail and pay state compensation amounting to 380,000 Euros.

“By the decision of the Higher Court in Podgorica the plea agreement concluded between the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office and the accused Milos Marovic, is adopted for the criminal offense of abuse of office by aiding in an organized manner,” a statement from the High Court says.

It states that the damaged party may file an appeal against the decision to the Criminal Chamber of the Court within three days of receipt of the decision.

“After the decision on the adoption of the plea agreement becomes final, the court shall make a judgment finding the accused guilty in accordance with the adopted agreement not later than after three days,” the statement said.

As a reminder, Marovic made a deal with the Prosecution to stay a year in prison and pay 380,000 Euros to the state.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro