Adrovic: We do not pay for arrivals; Let every voter exercise his/her right

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Opposition media are trying to launch an affair as they do before each elections, announcing the lie that the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) is paying voters from diaspora to come to vote, said Mehmed Adrovic, the president of the Petnjica DPS Committee.

“Instead of being pleased with the announcement that a large number of Montenegrin citizens will exercise their right to vote in the elections on 16 October and thus strengthen the democratic decision on the future government, opposition media are panicking because of that possibility. Trying to fabricate a new affair a few days before the elections, they forget a key fact – that those Montenegrin citizens have the legal right to participate in the vote on 16 October”, Adrovic said.

According to him, dividing citizens to those whom the opposition would allow to vote and those who the opposition does not like and would prevent them from voting is unacceptable for DPS.

“The only condition is that their name is in the electoral roll – so they have the right to vote. It would be wiser for the opposition to think why they labelled all voters who come to Montenegro from abroad on 16 October as voters of the Democratic Party of Socialists. The reason lies in the fact that they, like the vast majority of people who live in Montenegro, recognise the only guarantee of security and further successful development in our party’s policy”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro