Advocate of "Great Albania" may enter if his documents are in order

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Albanian politician and historian, Tahir Veliju, will be permitted to enter Montenegro if he fulfills legal requirements for entry, the Police Directorate confirmed for Dan daily.

PD made this announcement after media reports that Veliju, the main ideologist of the “Great Albania” project, is coming to Tuzi on August 20.

“Border crossings in Montenegro will allow Tahir Veliju to enter the country if he meets statutory requirements for entry into Montenegro. PD was not reported any sort of gathering in Tuzi in the forthcoming period, at least nothing connected to the residence of this person in our country”, the PD said for Dan.

Tahir Veliju announced a few days ago his visit to Montenegro, that is, Tuzi, on August 20, to promote his idea of creating a Great Albanian state in the Balkans. Previously, he was forbidden to speak in Greece and Serbia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro told the daily that they are not responsible for issuing a permit for Veliju to enter Montenegro.

Veliju is the leader of the recently founded Movement for unification of Albanians (LSHB), an organization which, as noted in its own program, intends to unify all Albanians into one state.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro