Adzic: I’m responsible for the failure – I’m sorry because of the girls

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Dragan Adzic, the coach of Montenegro women’s national handball team, claimed responsibility for the failure of the “golden lionesses” at the Olympics, adding that they would continue to play after the tournament in Rio.

With three unexpected defeats, Montenegrin national team – once the candidate for a medal – ended the games after their first phase.

“We will analyse the performance, but the point is that I did not do what was necessary. I’m sorry because of the girls, because I know how much this meant to them”, Adzic told Montenegrin reporters in Brazil.

He could not answer why the “lionesses” were unrecognizable in the field in Rio.

“I do not know why we did not do our best… Since our poor performance at the World Cup in Brazil in 2011 we have not played like this. We just did not reach the play level for this competition and the coach should be held responsible, because I led and selected them”, Adzic pointed out.

He said that the failure was not catastrophe.

“Handball will be played after the games in Rio. Tomorrow is a new day. We have to find the motive and play well until the end of the tournament because of the country we present here. It is a privilege to play against Norway and Brazil at the Olympics”, Dragan Adzic concluded.

On Friday at 9:40pm in the match against Norway, Montenegrin team will have the chance to improve the impression it had made.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro