Affair ‘Evidence’: Diciplinary investigation against policemen Terzic and Lukacevic

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A diciplinary investigation was open against police officers Nikola terzic and Simo Lukacevic becuase they didn’t follow procedures during the handling of documents which were confiscated on 17th of December in the house of the controversial businessman from Podgorica Veselin Mujovic, it was told to Pobjeda from Ministry of internal affairs.

Internal control of the Ministry of internal affairs investigated the disappearance of the letters and documents from the Police directorate, which were confiscated in Mujovic’s house.

All policemen who were involved in the search of Mujovic’s house were questioned on polygraph. Officers Lukacevic and Terzic, as it was earlier said to Pobjeda from MUP, did not compare the contents of the receipt of the temporary confiscation with the contents of the delivered documents.

Terzic is an officer of the department for organized crime, and Lukacevic is an officer of the department for commercial crime. Internal control concluded that there aren’t any indications of eventual responsibility of any of the officers for the disappearance of the part of the confiscated evidence.

The evidence that was missing in the affair were found on 28th of March in the trunk of the car that is used by the technicians of the criminal department of the Police deparment in Podgorica, at the parking lot in front of the police headquarters. Because of this evidence disappearance, part of the Police directorate was under public scrutiny for some time.

Arrested were the chief of the Department for fight against organized crime Dalibor Medojevic and one of the inspectors, Nikola Terzic, but Higher court released them to defend from freedom after the hearing.

The bag with potential evidence which was sent to Medojevic was not sealed as is the procedure and after seeing the documents and register of the confiscated objects it was him who noticed that the letters and two documents are missing.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro