After 18 years of coalition, DPS likely to run in the elections independently

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The Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) will most likely run in the elections on October 16 independently, the party leader Milo Djukanovic said.

“The decision making bodies of DPS will make a decision on running in the elections. An absolute mood of all the bodies is to run independently. I believe it is not surprising to anyone. We were in a coalition arrangement for 18 years. After that, we believe that the most responsible move is to present ourselves independently. We see that our competitors do not think so, that they are glad to gather either in natural or unnatural coalitions, thus wishing to camouflage something about themselves, particularly their lack of political power or influence. We have no problem with that”, said the prime minister answering reporters’ questions in Ulcinj..

According to Djukanovic, it does not mean that DPS will isolate itself from the political scene.

“Once we hear the citizens’ opinion about what we did and what we plan to do, we are very open for cooperation with all those willing to cooperate with us based on a similar programme and principles”, the leader of DPS said.

We have no interest to usurp even a single ne metre of anyone’s territory

Commenting on the fact that Kosovo postponed voting on the demarcation agreement with Montenegro, Djukanovic clearly states – our country has done all it should.

“Montenegro has shown good will to solve the issue in a manner that would be in the interest of both sides. Montenegro has no interest to usurp even a single meter of anyone’s territory. It is interested only in its own territory”, Djukanovic said in Ulcinj.

He said that it was an internal issue and concerns Kosovo’s internal policy. Therefore, the PM expects Kosovo authorities to quickly resolve it.

“We have no claims on someone else’s territory. For our part, we are ready to accept resolving the issue through an internal political dialogue in Kosovo. If there is a need to decide about the issue by arbitration, we have no problem with that. For the time being, we have not identified any subject for arbitration during the dialogue with Kosovo”, Djukanovic added.

He did not want to comment on a negative campaign against him launched by a part of the opposition.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro