After five hours of hearings in the “deaf room”: Kotor situation needs to be stabilized!

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After a control hearing of directors of VDT, ANB and MUP, Ivica Stanković, Dejan Peruničić and Goran Danilovića in the “deaf room”, Safety and Defense Council passed a series of conclusion regarding unsolved murders and safety situation in Kotor.

“Safety situation in Kotor is disturbed and we need to increase professional activities that will bring about stabilization in the city”, Mevludin Nuhodžić, president of the Council, said.

The goal is to minimize the effect that organized criminal gangs have in Kotor and wider, and one of the ways to do is to increase the finances and human resources of the Police, he explained.

The Council expects to see better results when it comes to unsolved murders in Montenegro.

“The Council thinks that a cooperation between VDT, ANB and MUP is necessary in order to solve these crimes”, Nuhodžić said.

Representatives of DPS, BS and Positive voted yes to these conclusions.

SNP representative Snežana Jonica was against.

She explained her reasons to the journalists.

“These conclusions can not be implemented while Slavko Stojanović is the director of Police. I repeat my request for his replacement”, she was clear.

DF representatives were, expectedly, also against.

“Montenegro is victim of gang related violence, US embassy and media cartels are looking out for their interests”, Medojević said.

He added that no one know the answer to a question of Kotor gangs strengthening between 2008 and 2016.

“They were not processed when it was needed, and now they have overgrown. The cancer is destroying the system. We are witness to their international wars where innocent people can be hurt. They endanger Montenegro’s safety”, Medojević said.


Source: Cafe Del Montenegro