After long negotiations with A2A: EPCG building second block of the thermal power plant

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Last session of almost two years long negotiations between the Government and Italian company A2A about future relations of these two owners of EPCG ended yesterday with satisfaction on Montenegrin side. All that remains is for the Italian side to officialy announce today the agreement that was reached.

Head of the PR service odf Montenegrin government Srdjan Kusovac told us that the Government will not publish any details regarding the agreement at this moment because it would be contrary to business ethics.

“There are reasons for optimism, because a solution is ahead of us which will contain the clause for which the government was figthing for from the beginning”, said Kusovac to Pobjeda.

Construction of the second block of the thermal power plant Pljevlja will be part of the new contract, and Italians will have an option of withdrawing, if they wish so.

“But they’re potential withdrawal would not affect our strategic interest and that is construction of the second block”, it was said to Pobjeda from the source at the government.

TThis means that at a yesterday’s phone conference an exit strategy for A2A was agreed upon too, which was negotiated earlier too.

Then was agreed that A2A in case it wants to exit EPCG, and the government wants to use the primary right of purchase, will be paid 250 million euros over the course of seven years. The condition was also for both sides to renounce their right for arbitration, which they acquired by the contract.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro