After stories of Russian nationals being driven away from Serbia: Undesirable diplomats forced without explanation

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Although official Moscow or Belgrade did not confirm that Russian nationals were forced out of Serbia due to their alleged participation in preparing terrorist actions in Montenegro, media is speculating that their expulsion was the main reason for the visit of Russian safety officer Patrušev to Belgrade. Blic daily published day before yesterday that Patrušev visited Belgrade in order to escort three Russian spies believed to be involved in the events in Montenegro. Russian Kommersant wrote about this as well, saying that this visit is scandalous.

After the information the foreign citizens were forced out of the state, Pobjeda daily asked how and why some state decides to ban foreign citizens from its territory.

Director of General Directorate for consular affairs in Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zeljko Stamatović explained that there are two ways for that.

“When it comes to diplomacy, it is known that some individual can be marked as a persona non grata, without explanation. Especially this happens to individuals who do something that is not allowed. We can only remember Cold War. Second way for driving foreigners out is to deny residence, under certain conditions and for certain reasons, such as public or national safety. This also goes for individuals who are diplomats”, Stamatović said.

Frase persona non grata means person that is not wanted. According to Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, residence state can “at any moment, without explanation” to mark any member of diplomatic staff as a persona non grata.

Persona non grata usually gets invited back to its home country. If not, residence state can “deny this person’s rights to be a member of diplomatic state”.

The reasons behind this decision can be in the behaviour of the person, their statements or acts, or it can be a cease of diplomatic relations and war. Persona non grata is used to expel diplomats suspected of spying. The state is not due to explain these reasons.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro