After two decades Seselj coming to Montenegro

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After exactly two decades, leader of Serbian radical party Dr Vojislav Seselj is coming to Montenegro, it was told to Dnevne newspaper by several sources from this party.

Seselj is coming to consecration of the church of Archbishop Stefan, which is located in Gornje Lipovo near Kolasin. According to Dnevne newspaper’s information Seselj is coming to Gornje Lipovo upon invitation and in organization by Dr Milovan Bojic, vice presdient of the Serbian radical party, who is from Kolasin and is one of the biggest donators of the church in Gornje Lipovo.

Consecration of the church in Gornje Lipovo will be done on Saturday the 13th of August at 10 am.

Dnevne newspaper also report that besides consecration of the church, Seselj is coming to Montenegro due to political activities.

Namely, he planned to have meetings with followers in this area in order to strenghten SRS prior to parliamenatry elections in Montenegro.

Serbian radical party participated in elections in 2012 in coalition with several other small pro-Serbian parties but they won only 5.100 votes and didn’t manage to secure a seat in Montenegrin parliament.

Seselj had his last public speech on 11th of October in 1996 at central square in Podgorica, prior to campaign for parliamentary elections. He was banished from Montenegro after the meeting in Herceg Novi where he said many insults of Montenegro and its citizens. Under the orders of the then president Momir Bulatovic he was deported to Serbia.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro