Agreement between the government and the opposition on Tuesday?

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Although the public debate on the date of the elections in Tivat and resignations of top people in RTCG is ongoing, the agreement between the government and a part of the opposition on conditions for issuing fair and democratic elections, is finally shaped and will be signed early next week, most probably on Tuesday, Pobjeda daily learned from multiple sources.

Communication between the government and the opposition was never interrupted during the last few days, and the most important representatives of foreign embassies have been daily informed about the results of these negotiations. According to diplomatic sources of the daily, they have been more like “active observers of dialogue” than participants.

It was planned that, after the agreement is signed and submitted to the Parliament of Montenegro, a lex specialis be adopted to legally define control points for the use of state resources.

The next move, planned for the second half of April, should be appointment of opposition representatives in the government, local government bodies and companies with majority state ownership.

In the agreement, the government has accepted most of the proposals of the opposition, including the general agreement that, in accordance with the law, a selection of RTCG editors can be performed.

Delaying of elections in Tivat, as sources said, was no longer the primary condition of the opposition, considering that many opposition parties, including the SDP and the SNP, have already submitted their electoral lists.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro