Agreement of Cooperation

RTCG General Director Rade Vojvodić and general manager of Radio Television of the Federation of BiH Jamal Sabic signed today a Memorandum of Cooperation between the two public broadcasters.

The purpose of the Agreement is to improve cooperation that will contribute to mutual understanding between two people and help build good neighborly relations through a better understanding of current events, politics, culture and art of the two countries.

RTCG and RTVFBIH also want to provide better service to its audiences.

Agreement on cooperation involves the exchange of news and current events, establishing close cooperation between the news programs of the public services. It also foresees the exchange of other program content, such as documentary programs, drama, music and other programs that are related to art and culture, as well as mutual support production when reporting on events, arranging interviews, producing TV and radio programs, stories and other content that are relevant to viewers.

The contract is based on the principle of equal rights and reciprocity, and no provision shall entitle the other Party to interfere in editorial policy or business issues of the other.

RTCG also signed Cooperation Agreements with Radio Television of Albania and Kosovo, and is planning collaboration with Radio Television of Macedonia.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro