Ahead of elections: Even ministers from the opposition are opening job vacancies

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On the website of the Human Resources Management Authority, between 21st of May and 23rd of July this year, 53 public job vacancies have been published for work in public administration, out of which majority was for Montenegrin courts (basic, high and Supreme) – 15.

Realization of the majority of the public job vacancies is planned for the period after the elections have been announced, which is why Agency for prevention of corruption has published an explanation of the article 33 of the Law for financing political subjects and electoral campaigns at its website, which states that regulations are not broken if the employment is for positions which are included in the systematization.

The statememnt from the Agency specifies the conditions which have to be met in order to legally start working in public administration prior to elections, and those are:

“1. in order to secure continuity of the operation of the institution, 2. based on the decision of the authorities with jurisdiction, and 3. only if it’s part of the existing systematization of jobs within the institution”

All vacancies, before they become public, are delivered to the miniister of finance Rasko Konjevic, considering the fact that for every opening in public administration an agreement has to be received from Ministry of finance, which is obviously more than willing to comply with the needs fo the country which they showed by opening 10 vacancies in their own administration after the 21st of May, meaning after the date on which, along with his colleagues from ‘Troika’, he became a member of Milo Djukanovic’s government under the Agreement for fair and free elections and based on Lex specialis.

The opposition is continuously calling out the ruling party DPS that they are influencing the elections by employments in public administration prior to elections, but it seems that they should start looking at themselves first, based on the recent behavior.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro