Albania ratified Protocol

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The MPs of the Albanian Parliament today unanimously ratified the protocol on the accession of Montenegro to NATO.

The Protocol of Accession was so far ratified by Iceland, Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia.

Today’s session of the Albanian Parliament was also attended by the president of the Parliament of Montenegro Darko Pajovic.

The President of the Parliament of Albania Ilir Meta said that his country strongly supports Montenegro’s integration into NATO, because, as he assessed, it is the key to stability in the region.

“The relations between Albania and Montenegro, who is not only our friend but also a partner for all key regional projects, are also very important to us. The region is faced with global security challenges and therefore a good cooperation is essential,” said Meta during a press conference.

Pajovic said that Montenegro has no alternative other than NATO membership.

“The Alliance is a guarantee of peace, not only for Montenegro, but also the region. I am convinced that those countries that are not for the NATO will consider that option in the near future,” said Pajović.

Montenegro signed the Protocol on full membership in NATO on 19 May in Brussels. As part of this process, it is necessary that all members of NATO, within their parliaments, ratify the said Protocol.

Finally, it remains to Montenegro to ratify the document, thus ending the process.

The process of ratification of the Protocol by the parliaments of 28 member states of the Alliance, as previously announced several times, should be completed by mid 2017. At the next NATO summit, to be held in Warsaw, Montenegro will have the observer status.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro