Albania ratified the Protocol too, Pajovic: Albanians are proven friends of Montenegro

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Albania also ratified the protocol for accession of Montenegro to NATO today. There were 109 votes for, and no votes against this decision.

This way Albania became the fifth country which signed the Protocol.

Previously this was done by Iceland, Slovenia, Slovakia and Hungary.

Pajovic: Albanians are proven friends of Montenegro

Signing of the protocol was also attended by the president of Montenegrin parliament Darko Pajovic who is in a two day visit to Albania.

”Progression of our country towards Euroatlantic integrations is a good path and voting for the protocol shows that countries that are together on this road are helping each other”, said Pajovic, as it was reported by Antena M.

Pajovic said that we can be proud because in spite of turbulent times that are behind us “we managed to build relations of permanent friendship and mutual respect between our two countries”.

“It is my great pleasure to talk to you today after you’ve ratified the protocol. Membership in NATO is a historical, cultural, and civilizational step forward for Montenegro and is a testimony of Montenegrin dedication to western system of values and western civilzation”, said Pajovic and added that membership in NATO is a confirmation that Montenegro is going in the right direction.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro