Aleksandar fired due to a video: I’m aware of my mistake and I deserve to be fired!

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Aleksandar Bojovic (19) from Podgorica was fired from the post of a receptionist in a hotel in Budva after a video of him dancing with earphones in his ears while on the job was published on social media.

“I danced one night while I was working the night shift, when there is almost no one around me. I found the video while I was reviewing video surveillance looking for something else. A friend convinced me to share it with friends, but the video appeared on Facebook. Therefore I was said I would be punished and that my salary would be 10% reduced. However, as the interest for the video surged, I got fired. I am fully aware that I was wrong. This was unprofessional and even I said myself that they should fire me. I apologise to the employer once again”, Aleksandar told CDM.

Regardless of the fact that he lost his job at the hotel, he has another job in Budva.

CDM asks you: Has Aleksandar deserved to be fired?


Source: Cafe Del Montenegro