Aleksic denied his guilt: He said he came to Montenegro four days after the murder

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At a hearing in the prosecutor’s office, former Yugoslav Armed Forces counter-intelligence agent Radovan Aleksic (55) denied that he was connected with the shooting in which a police inspector Predrag Sukovic was wounded, Dan newspaper reported.

Aleksic was arrested two days ago. According to the criminal complaint, he is suspected of having shot Sukovic in Podgorica downtown on 11 July. At the hearing, Aleksic said that he had been in Belgrade on that day, as well as during the next couple of days, which he had proof for. He added that he came to Montenegro on 15 July. Therefore, he argued, he could not be connected with the incident, since he was not in Podgorica, Dan carried.

He told the prosecutor that his arrest represented putting a continuous pressure against him, which lasts since 1999, when he worked in the Yugoslav Armed Forces.

His attorney Milan Vujovic said that Aleksic was remanded in prison for up to 72 hours and that he would be brought before an investigative judge.

“He is charged with attempted murder of Predrag Sukovic and illegal firearms possession. He was questioned and said he had nothing to do with the offense. He was remanded in prison for up to 72 hours, until additional expertise is completed”, Vujovic said.

He added that his client was suspected on anonymous information grounds, which was provided to the police.

“At the time when the offence was committees, Aleksic was in Belgrade. He told the prosecutor that all of that was a part of the oppression which is being conducted against him since 1999, when he was brutally beaten in Niksic. Aleksic is a Serbian citizen, he lives in Podgorica and he is retired,” said Vujovic.

He told reporters that Aleksic was not the man on the photo that the police had announced after the shooting in which Sukovic was wounded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro