Aleksic’s description matches the attacker from the video

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A forensic anthropologist said that arrested Radovan Aleksic’s facial features and other physical characteristics and gestures match with the person who was recorded by surveillance cameras when shot the former head of the police unit for fight against organised crime Predrag Sukovic this summer, Dnevne Novine newspaper unofficially learns.

According to the DN, it is the preliminary result of expert analysis, whereas the official report has not been submitted to the investigative authorities yet.

After a hearing in the High Court in Podgorica, Aleksic was remanded in custody in Spuz yesterday afternoon, where he will spend at least 30 days.

Aleksic was arrested at Dobrakovo border crossing on Sunday when he tried to leave Montenegro in a car rented in a rent-a-car agency in Podgorica. According to his lawyer, Milan Vujovic, Aleksic was arrested on an anonymous tip sent to the police. During the hearing before the prosecutor he argued that he had been in Belgrade when Sukovic was wounded on 11 July and that he had returned only four days later.

However, DN learns that, according to the border police records, last time Aleksic entered Montenegro on 26 June by train and there have been no records that he left the country since then.

Unofficially, based on operational data the police and prosecutors identified Aleksic as a person suspected to have committed the attempted murder ten days after Sukovic was wounded. They tried to find him several times at two addresses in which he stayed in Niksic and Podgorica, but police were not able to trace him for months, which caused suspicions that he was hiding. Since Aleksic was unavailable to the authorities, a national arrest warrant was issued against him, based on which he was arrested.

In addition to attempted murder, Aleksic is charged with illegal possession of weapons and explosive devices.

Sukovic was wounded with three shots on 11 July, in broad daylight and in front of several witnesses. According to their statements, Sukovic stood at the entrance of the Montenegro Pub cafe, in Njegoseva street and talked to some friends. After the shooting, the attacker fled towards Kalimero cafe and then down the Ivana Crnojevica boulevard towards Ribnica river bank, where he disappeared without a trace.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro