All chapters to be open by mid-2017


Montenegro has the capacity to open all chapters in the negotiations with the European Union (EU) by the mid-2017, Chief EU Negotiator for Montenegro Aleksandar Andrija Pejovic said.

He points out that during the recent visit of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic to Brussels, European officials have particularly emphasized that Montenegro with its quality and meaningful reforms and good pace of the work, have justified all expectations.

In an interview with daily Pobjeda, Pejovic said that the he is convinced that the success of Montenegro lies in the fact that we, as a responsible state and society, have set up European integration as the most important an internal task to which everyone involved in the process is committed.

“From the very beginning all the reforms are implemented in accordance with the set plans and priorities and in partnership with the EU, so that the progress towards membership takes place without delay. Current developments in the EU, the region and the internal political scene in Montenegro definitely have an impact on the dynamics of enlargement. However, the key factor that determines the speed of integration are the individual results of each of the countries in the enlargement process. “, Pejovic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro