All that jazz: New Yorkers in love with “Poljem se vije”, our talent is our finance

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On 3rd and 5th of June, thanks to melodies that will echo around our country, Montenegro will resemble New York! The reason for this is that for the first time ever the prestigious “Made in New York Jazz Festival” is being organized outside of its craddle, and hosts of some of the most respectable jazz musicians of modern era will be Sveti Stefan and Podgorica. One of the guests for example is Randy Brecker. He is a trumpet player who has won six Grammy awards, and is considered to be a musical Robert De Niro.

“The crowd screamed and applauded, and trust me, they are a difficult crowd to satisfy. That means that people fell in love with Montenegrin rhytm and Vlado’s performance”, said Brovkin.

“To me it’s a great honor to work with Randy Brecker! I grew up listening to his music, and he defined my music taste in many ways. He’s a world class genius and that’s why he’s unique”, said Brovkin.

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