Almost all doctors dissatisfied with salary


More than 90 percent of doctors in Montenegro are dissatisfied with salary, but they are dominantly dissatisfied and ambivalent regarding conditions, procedures and benefits at work, the study of the Trade Union of Medical Doctors Montenegro (SMDCG) showed.

When presenting research on the level of doctors’ satisfaction with work, SDMCG President Milena Popovic Samardzic stated that it included 349 respondents in all health institutions in Montenegro.

“According to all categories in the survey, 42 percent of physicians are dissatisfied, 46 percent ambivalent, but only 12 percent of doctors are satisfied with the job,” said Popovic Samardzic.

Popovic Samardzic explained the survey results are classified into three categories – satisfaction (positive emotional response of an individual), the dissatisfaction (negative emotional response of individual) and the ambivalence (the existence of conflicting emotions and contradictory attitudes regarding the same instance).

“Eighty-eight percent of the total respondents were dissatisfied and ambivalent in regard to the tested parameters,” said Popovic Samardzic.

As she said, the greatest dissatisfaction is present in relation to the salary, the possibility of remuneration, benefits, working conditions and career prospects.

Popovic Samardzic said that 59 percent of respondents are dissatisfied with the career prospects, while 24 percent of them are ambivalent.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro