Alpay: All Balkan countries should join NATO

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Turkey is an ally of Montenegro and this country supports the invitation sent to Montenegro, said the deputy defence minister of Turkey Suay Alpay, adding that other countries in the Balkans should join the EU and NATO.

Alpay, who participated in the 2BS Forum which was held during the weekend in Budva, praised the defence reforms implemented in Montenegro.

He said that Montenegro was a friend, a sister country and an ally.

“We are very pleased to see it is implementing reforms in the defence sector. The defence industry does not involve only weapons, but also the ability to prevent dangers. We believe this aspect is very important and that Montenegro has a great potential. Turkey supports the defence sector in Montenegro and we believe we will sign an agreement on the defence industry in 2016”, Alpay told Anadolu Agency.

When it comes to the invitation for full membership in NATO that Montenegro received, Alpay pointed out that Turkey provides support on that path.

“We believe that this is a positive development because Montenegro has a very important position in the Balkans. And not only Montenegro, but also Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and other Balkan countries, because we believe that they should be in NATO and the EU. We also support their accession processes”, Alpay said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro