Ambassador of Kosovo: Albanians influenced establishing Montenegro

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Albanians in Montenegro represent a bridge of cooperation between the two countries and they were a significant factor in establishing Montenegro, Ambassador of Kosovo in Podgorica Skender Durmishi said.

Durmishi met the president of the National Council of Albanians in Montenegro, Genci Nimanbegu, which was the first official meeting between the ambassador and Nimanbergu, since Durmishi is the first accredited ambassador of Kosovo to Montenegro.

The president of the National Council of Albanians in Montenegro presented the work of the council and the status and situation of Albanians in Montenegro.

“You must see the embassy as a partner in implementation of your projects regarding culture, education and particularly the economy”, Durmishi said, adding that regional and bilateral cooperation is one of the key requirements of Euro-Atlantic integration.

He said that the cooperation between Montenegro and Kosovo was very positive and that it was an excellent example of cooperation.

“Kosovo understands our issues and our needs very well. It helped us in the past but some issues need to be re-actualised together with the Embassy of Kosovo. I believe that the cooperation in economy and launching joint projects in infrastructure will be in the general interest, such as construction of Decan–Plav road. The project will particularly contribute to the economic development of the north of Montenegro, ie the residents of Plav and Gusinje and help these residents do not move out”, said Nimanbegu.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro