Amfilohije: Instead of the apology, Biden should kneel and ask for forgiveness

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Commenting on US Vice President Joseph Biden’s recent visit to Belgrade, Metropolitan Amfilohije said that instead of the apology, he should have kneeled and asked for forgiveness for the crimes NATO and its protégées – terrorists who created the independent state of Kosovo.

According to Amfilohije, instead of the apology, rebuilding buildings and bridges destroyed by NATO bombs should be initiated in Belgrade and other places, particularly in Kosovo and Metohija, as well as destroyed homes of thousands of displaced families in order for them to return there.

“Just imagine: he apologises. Instead of kneeling down in front of this tortured people and their sanctities and repenting on behalf of Clinton and NATO modern criminal gang, he apologises. He and those who sent him should be ashamed”, Amfilohije said, during the divine liturgy held in the Church of St. Basil of Ostrog in Kumbor.

The metropolitan said that such apologies cannot be used to solve fate and the future of the Balkans and Europe.

“He apologises while conducting the same criminal activities in Asia. Millions of people are leaving their homes and ancient nations are seeking shelters. A bloody fratricidal war is being waged in Ukraine… and he apologises”, Metropolitan Amfilohije said.

He added that instead of helping Europe to dismantle the militant machinery of NATO, Montenegrin government intends to submit the state to the conquering organisation.

“Instead of helping honourable European nations to dismantle these murderous totalitarian systems and enter Europe in that way, Montenegro wants to submit to the totalitarian ideology, which represents a continuation of the Hitler’s new European order”, Amfilohije concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro