Amfilohije is deviding Montenegro again

The appearance of Amfilohije, the Metropolitan of Montenegro and Littoral in the protests organized by the Democratic Front (DF) crashes the sense of assembly and proclaimed goal – the creation of conditions for fair and free elections, it was announced from the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

SDP has again called Front to realize their legitimate political demands Parliament with dialogue “in order to reach full confidence in the electoral process and democratic elections as the basis of legitimate authority.”

‘’ In this way, the political demands of the protest are subordinate to one in many political performance of Amfilohije Radovic, who used this opportunity to demonstrate the anti-civilization and anti-European rhetoric, ” it is stated from that party.

Demanding European democratic election standards, SDP says, and inviting Radovic, who is the very negation of modern Europe based on the concept of secularism and human rights is unsustainable and doomed to failure.

“Amfilohije Radovic is a symbol of nationalism and war that devastated this aregion and one of the main creators of national policy, and that is why his appearance can be just in a function of further divisions in Montenegrin society’’, the statement says.

“Without pretending to make final judgments we just want to warn all those who, over the years, in different ways and for different reasons, flirted with Radovic that they are harming our efforts on the way to civilized world. We have the full right for that as a party that opposes to Amfilohije nationalism, religious and national intolerance, negation of Montenegrin identity and brutal abuse of faith for 25 years, “the statement concludes.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro