Amfilohije kissed Tito’s hand?

Montenegrin Orthodox Church priest Slavisa Lekic, in a letter to a friend, sent a photograph of , in that period, priest of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Amfilohije Radovic kissing the hand of former President of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito.

Lekic in a letter to a friend, published by the Montenegrin ethnic community of Australia, said that it was a Montenegrin Orthodox Metropolitan Amfilohije, a Tito’s alumnus, because, he added, Broz once was the main organizer of the personnel selection of the Serbian Orthodox Church, “and this now Buenos Aires Metropolitan of Cerna Gora, was his cadre”.

Lekic, who was a priest of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Argentina, and is now a member of the CPC, said that Amfilohije, as a young monk as a sign of obedience kisses the hand of Comrade Tito, in the presence of Jovanka Broz.

“This is proof that Tito led the Serbian Church personnel policy (and selection) – because now his protégé Amfilohije is the head of the Serbian church in Argentina,” says Lekic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro