Amfilohije won’t say if he’ll vote, but says that Montenegro might not have a bright future

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Regardless that he’d like to baptize all of our politicians, Amfilohije didn’t want to say if he’ll join the campaign for elections of 16th of Ocotber, nor if he’ll use his right to vote.

Amfilohije, however, said that Montenegro has no future if it denounces the blood spilt for Kosovo and Metohija.

“Montenegro has its ancient way, however Montenegro that denounces the blood spilt for Kosovo and Metohija has no future. It can only go to abyss”, said Amfilohije answering if he sees the upcoming elections as referendum on NATO.

Amfilohije avoided to answer the question by CdM if he’ll be active in political campaign and whether he’ll vote.

He said that Svetozar Marovic might have been sacrificed for all of us “especially those who made this country with him”.

While speaking about the anthology that the government has made to celebrate 1000 years from death of Saint John Vladimir, Amfilohije said that that is a “geo-political pamphlet”.

“This is a product of a doclean based ideology”, he said.

His mitropoly announced today the International scientific gathering “Saint John Vladimir”, which is scheduled for 25th of September.

Priest Velibor Dzomic said that preparations for this scientific gathering lasted for two years, and that 50 scientists will participate.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro