An alleged platform is brutal falsehood

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Democratic Montenegro is not, nor does it intend to propose any platform on co-operation with the opposition, nor will there be conciliation with the leaders of the Democratic Front (DF), with whom they have ended any communication, the party of Alex Becic said.

In this way the Democrats denied the allegations made by ‘’Pobjeda’’ that the Democratic Montenegro had prepared a platform for cooperation with DF, SNP and Demos, and that the mediator, who should reconcile the opposition in disagreement, should be a Metropolitan of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral Amfilohije.

“Article in today’s edition of ‘’Pobjeda’’ titled “Amphilohije reconciles Becic with Mandic and Knezevic” is a brutal falsehood, maliciously conceived insinuation in a secret police style from the first to the last letter. Only truth in the entire text, which has been published by numerous portals, are the names and surnames, and it is amazing that they put the names right when one considers how the entire content of the text was made up,” the Democrats said.

They state that no platform was proposed by the Democrats, nor do they intended to propose.

“No lesser falsehood was also one about the intention of conciliation with the DF leaders. That will not happen because we ended any communication with DF leaders,” the Democratic Montenegro said.

The churches and religious communities, as they said, know very well that the Democrats have never even talked with one of their representatives about the daily politics, nor do they intend to do so.

“Involving churches and religious communities in this way in daily politics is impolite and impudent and poses a blow to churches and religious communities and all their believers. According to the Constitution of Montenegro, there’s no place for politics in the Church, nor the Church in politics. Democrats have nothing to add to this constitutional principle nor to take away from it,” the statement said.

The goal of such information, as they said, was “to try to harm the Democrats in Tuzi and Petnjica with lies.”

Source: Radio Television Montenegro