An appeal against Stijepovic and Kovacevic rejected

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The Special Prosecution rejected a criminal complaint filed by the Podgorica’s Demos Committee against Podgorica Mayor Slavoljub Stijepovic and director of the Clinical Center of Montenegro Zorica Kovacevic for alleged misuse of position during the construction and distribution of apartments in the building for pensioners.

In a letter sent to Zorica Kovacevic, the special prosecutor Tatjana Zizic said that the decision on the dismissal of the criminal charges was brought on 27 June this year because the prosecution found that there was no evidence that any criminal offense was committed.

Podgorica’s Demos Committee filed criminal charges against the mayor of Stijepovic and the former Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, now director of the KCCG, as well as the president of the Association of Pensioners Ilija Stanisic, and the secretary of the Association Punisa Stanisic.

They said they “suspected of several crimes” which, as they stated, “caused enormous material damage to the budget of Montenegro, the capital and the Pensioners’ Association of Podgorica, ie the unlawful material gain was obtained.” The charges refer to “financing and construction of a building and the allocation of apartments for pensioners in the Bulevard of Vojvoda Stanko Radonjic”.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro