An earthquake such as the one that hit Italy is not likely to happen in Montenegro

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After a strong earthquake in Italy, there is no immediate danger of a similar earthquake to happen in Montenegro, the director of Seismological Institute, Branislav Glavatovic, told CDM.

“Generally, there is no immediate threat to us”, he said.

As he explains, although there are less intensive earthquakes in our area on a daily basis, the affected Italian area is far away. Seismic events occurring in certain area is very difficult to relate to the ones in another area.

However, he added that all things are possible.

“Throughout seismic history of this area, there are some similar examples that could be related to the possible effects of seismic events from one side to another, but in general it is not so easy to conclude. However, it is also difficult to conclude that this is possible”, Glavatovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro