An indispensable condition: SNP will enter the government only if it gets two ministerial posts

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The Socialist People’s Party (SNP) has decided. This party, along with the Demos, Social Democratic Party (SDP) and Civic Movement URA, will sign the agreement on free and fair elections and will enter the government of electoral trust. However, SNP is asking for two ministerial posts, although its opposition colleagues offered them one position.

The president of the party Srdjan Milic has confirmed this to reporters after a meeting of the SNP main board in Podgorica today.

Radivoje Rasovic, is a candidate for the minister of agriculture. SNP also requires its representative Veselin Bakic to be the minister of finance, regardless the fact that SDP proposed its candidate Rasko Konjevic for that position.

“This is our response to the list created by SDP, Demos and URA. SNP is a party with indisputable electoral legality and legitimacy”, Milic said.

Asked whether getting two ministerial posts is the SNP’s condition for entering the government, Milic briefly replied: “Yes!”

If prime minister Milo Djukanovic or the opposition colleagues reject the SNP’s candidates, the party will neither sign the lex specialis, nor enter the government of electoral trust.

“SNP is an indispensable condition”, he said.

Milic did not want to comment on the reasons why Aleksandar Damjanovic gave up the post of the finance minister.

“It is an internal issue of the party. As far as I am concerned, it will stay that way”, said Milic.

Despite the fact that Damjanovic said he would answer reporters’ questions after the meeting, it did not happened.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro