Analogue signal switched off

As of today, as the analogue signal was turned off, the digital age started in Montenegro, said Minister for Information Society and Telecommunications, Vujica Lazovic.

Together with the Head of the Delegation of the European Union (EU) in Montenegro, Mitja Drobnic and executive director of Radio Diffusion Center, Zeljko Nikolic, Lazovic officially shut down analogue signal by pressing the button.

He explained that Montenegro had fulfilled the obligation assumed by the accession negotiations in the chapter ten- information society and media. Thereof, the Government, he said, confirmed its foreign policy priority and readiness for further harmonization with all regulations and EU directives in this area.

“The transition to digital technology does not mean simply that the existing televisions start working on a digital platform, but it means creating an environment that enables open and free media market, while respecting the principles of transparency and non-discrimination, in order to give an additional impulse to democratic processes and the rule of law,” said Lazovic.

He pointed out that, in order to create equal opportunities for digital signal reception, special care needs to be taken of the most vulnerable categories of population – family and disability allowance users explaining that they will get free digital signal receivers.

“In total, 14,500 people were identified, of which 14,000 obtained free receivers,” said Lazovic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro