Andrijana Kadija acting Director of TVCG

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The Director General of RTCG Rade Vojvodic, today appointed long-time journalist Andrijana Kadija for acting Director of the national Television of Montenegro, reports Portal RTCG.

Vojvodić appointed Aleksandar Mirkovic for acting Editor of the First Channel, while Ljiljana Savić became acting editor of the News program.

The editor of the primetime Journal, Damir Ramović, will be acting director of the RTCG newsroom.

At the last session of the Council of RTCG, Vojvodić submitted a proposal of urgent measures to enhance the informative program of RTCG.

The document implies formation of a joint editorial board of all three RTCG media – the radio, the television and the portal.

Director of TVCG, Radojka Rutović, resigned on April 15, followed by editor of the news program, Aleksandra Pavicevic, and head of the newsroom, Vesna Terić.

“Resignation is my personal decision and personal contribution to the way out of the situation in which Montenegro found itself. I hope that this removes the last obstacle to the political Agreement and free entrance of part of the opposition into the government and other institutions of the system”, said Rutović.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro