Annex agreement in final stage

SDP MP Damir Sehovic said that the agreement on the coalition agreement annexes is in the final stage, and that it is expected to be signed soon.

“A key part of the agreement relating to the rule of the law and the obligations of Montenegro arising from chapters 23 and 24 has long been agreed upon, as well as the major part of the economic agreement, so it was ready for signing back in November. At the request of DPS, other issues are opened and the discussions on them are near the end”, Sehovic said in an interview for Portal Analitika.

In the field of transport, he said, a high level of agreement on strategic priorities had been made, as well as about the status of one of the best public companies in Montenegro – Montenegro Airport.

“We agreed that there are no rational reasons for its privatization, but that we should analyze other models, which could improve its economic performance, but also the transport accessibility of Montenegro, which is especially important for tourist destination like we are. About the Queen’s beach (Kraljicina plaza) we agreed that the area should be evaluated in the best possible way. However, it is evident that several mistakes that are contrary to our legal system have been made in the previous procedure, and SDP pointed them out in order to make them right or to start from the beginning’’, Sehovic said.

He said that the biggest challenge for the Montenegrin economy are we, ourselves and our exclusive mentality that blocked us to look at things realistically.

“The new model of growth must not be based solely on tourism and foreign investment, nor on a sale of national resources, but on the stronger and more diversified real sector that will not be subject to external shocks. Because, where everything is for sale, at the end, the state itself is put on sale, especially if it is a small country”, Sehovic said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro