Announcement of the reconstruction of the Government of Montenegro

By Adnan Prekic – Podgorica

After almost two years of wrangling in the ruling coalition, the two main ruling parties will try to resolve disagreements in the next two years. A hint of ratio change in the ruling coalition was announced by agreement on forming a government in cities where local elections are completed. The common interests of the state in the process of Euro-Atlantic integration will reunite the two main ruling parties Democratic Party of Socialists and the Social Democratic Party. The annex of the new coalition agreement will be published after the report of the European Commission on the progress of Montenegro.

Democratic Party of Socialists and Social Democrats will sign an annex to the coalition agreement after the European Commission disclose Progress Report on Montenegro, October 8. In addition to the new government’s priorities over the next two years, an annex of the coalition agreement provides for new staffing solutions through a cabinet reshuffle.

The annex to the Agreement was to be signed by the end of September, but the delay was due to the announcement of slightly worse report of the European Commission on Montenegro, and some recommendations of Brussels will be listed in the annex. Unofficial information from Brussels stated that Montenegro will be criticized in the report in the part that refers to the rule of law. Observations might relate to a number of downed court decisions, delays in the selection of the Chief State Prosecutor and the general lack of results in the rule of law.

What is certain is that the government will have new ministry – ministry of sports and does not exclude the possibility of fundamental reconstruction of the government. With reconstruction of the government will changed the priorities in the work. Emphasis will be placed on the rule of law and the fulfillment of obligations on the path to NATO and the EU. In addition, the new government is expected to be focused on economic issues, especially on the implementation of important infrastructure to projects including relations with the Italian company A2A in Electrical industry in Montenegro.

The government reconstruction comes after two years of a lot of bad relationships in the governing coalition. Coalition of the Democratic Party of Socialists and the Social Democratic Party functioned only on paper. In the government these two parties had a lot of common views, but in the Montenegrin Parliament Social Democratic Party with the support of the opposition, often revoked the government’s proposals.

Democratic Party of Socialists and the Social Democratic Party are the parties that form the coalition government at the state level and for more than a year now they have been in silent conflict. The two parties have been in a coalition at the state level since 1997. Democratic Party of Socialists and Social Democrats lately do not have a common view on the economy, fight against corruption and the way in which the Montenegrin society should prosper. The only issue in which they agree upon is the question whether Montenegro needs to become a full member of NATO.

Source: Independent Balkan News Agency (Montenegro)