Any case of corruption to be reported


Director of the Clinical Center of Montenegro (KCCG), Zorica Kovacevic, said that the she would personally process to Prosecution every example of the corruption in the country’s largest health institution.

In an interview with Radio Montenegro, she pointed out that she did not have in mind to protect anybody who request money from the patients for health services.

She also claims that such a case did not happen in the last year since she has been head of the KCCG.

“I address everyone who has an example of corruption to come to me, I promise to personally prosecute to the Prosecution.” Kovačević said, noting that she would publicly disclose every example of the corrupt behavior of a doctor.

Kovacevic also said that the management of the country’s largest healthcare facility was pleased with the results of the last year’s work.

She emphasized that they were “responsible and honest”.

“It takes time for some reforms so we hope that next year will be even more successful,” Kovacevic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro